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These types of eBook libraries typically offer a substantial savings, in addition to are usually offered inside a variety of formats to match your brand of electronic reading device. He writes about sex without the least trace of moralising. An inveterate sceptic, he sees religions and philosophies as works of art, to be used for their aesthetic qualities and discarded when they cease to please.

By comparison Theodore Francis is the sort of writer whose work might be as easily blazed in mosaics in some moss-grown temple as printed on demand and in e-book… But this deep-rooted quality is what should speak to the contemporary reader. As Gray goes on:. His novels and short stories are set in a landscape as far removed as possible from anything smart or urban — a fantastical version of English village life, in which human emotions work themselves out against a backdrop of brooding countryside… He sets his tales in a grotesquely exaggerated rural landscape, not because he has any nostalgia for the way of life it may once have contained, but because, by doing so, he is free to strip human beings down to their barest elements — their lust, greed, cruelty and stupidity, and the mixture of dread and yearning with which they respond to the prospect of death… The greatest value of his work, though, is in showing that it is still possible to write about the primordial human experiences to which religion is a response.

Secular writers tend to steer clear of them, and end up stuck in the shallows of politics or fashion. On the other hand, Christian writers are mostly precious and unpersuasive, like T S Eliot, or else more or less openly fraudulent, like Graham Greene.

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Very few 20th-century authors have the knack of writing convincingly of first and last things. A religious writer without any vestige of belief, Theodore Powys is one of them. Muhammad, a year-old former soldier, has been charged with capital murder in the shooting of a Maryland man, Dean H. Meyers, in Manassas, Va.

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But prosecutors are introducing evidence from 13 shootings, 10 of them fatal, in an effort to show that Mr. Wednesday's testimony provided some of the prosecution's most detailed and compelling evidence yet in this two-week-old trial. One witness testified that he saw Mr. A Maryland chiropractor also told the jury that he saw Mr.

Muhammad behind the wheel of the Caprice at an intersection a block from the school about an hour before Iran was shot. Muhammad has been placed at the scene of only one other shooting, that of Mr.

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Three other witnesses also testified that they saw the blue Caprice at the scenes of two shootings in Spotsylvania County, Va. In the first, Caroline Seawell was wounded outside a Michael's crafts store on Oct.

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Iran, now a year-old high school freshman, had expressed reluctance about discussing the shooting in public, and his family this week filed a motion seeking to throw out the prosecution's subpoena requiring him to appear in court. But on Wednesday morning, after last-minute discussions with the prosecution, the family withdrew its motion, saying through its lawyer that they were ''comfortable'' with having him testify. The skinny teenager appeared relaxed as he took the stand, his hair pulled back in a stumpy ponytail.

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He testified for less than four minutes before his mother hustled him away. He did not face cross-examination and responded to most questions with one-word answers, except when asked what he felt after being shot. Iran's aunt, Tanya Brown, was not as unflappable, brushing away tears as the courtroom listened to a recording of a call she made from her cellphone while rushing her nephew to the hospital.