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Redesignated: 13th Fighter Squadron July 1, Inactivated, and redesignated 13th Bombardment Squadron, Tactical, September 30, Redesignated: 13th Bomb Squadron May 1, Activated June 14, Okinawa, c. Kunsan AB, South Korea, c. Clark AB, Philippines, c. A later, B The first U. Air casualties of the KW were 1st Lt. Remer L. Deactivated June 30 Both items removed from a Thai made Camo Boonie Hat. Thai made. Unusual Maharaja hang label sewn in neck of suit, gold color thread on black cloth. Black Panther, made in the Philippines, UnUsed Merrowed-edge, U. Korean made,does not lay-flat, post, UnUsed Constituted th Bombardment Squadron Medium on 13 Jan Disbanded on 10 Oct Reconstituted, and consolidated 19 Sep with 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron, which was constituted, and activated, on 2 May Organized on 15 May Inactivated on 30 Jun Inactivated on 1 Jul Redesignated 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron on 5 Jun Activated on 1 Jun Redesignated 13th Fighter Squadron on 31 May Pilot's Neck Scarf.

Thailand made, minor red dust and sweat stains, Used Lineback Operation from 6 April to 23rd October, Linebacker I April 6th to October 23rd of , objective was limited to interdict supply routes from North to South Vietnam. Linebacker II December 18 - 29 , B sorties were flown in 12 days; Tactical aircraft supported the Bs. Made in Thailand RF-4C. Assigned to the 35th Fighter Wing at Misawa, Japan. The Japanese made patches are of very high-quality workmanship. Redesignated 14th Fighter Squadron May 31 Vietnam Service.

F era - Kadena AB, Okinawa. Large size, RFU never washed , glue residue on border at top, Used RF-4C, cheesecloth backing, UnUsed These are "Rhinos" in the cockpit, named for the shape of the F-4's nose.

P-51 Mustang part 1

Itazuke AB, Japan, 13 Feb-c. Indian Springs, NV, 1 Aug -. RF Voodoo No aircraft Conducted visual and photographic reconnaissance in Korea, 26 Feb Jul Continued aerial surveillance and reconnaissance in the Far East until inactivation in Performed an intelligence function for Pacific Air Forces, Constituted 16 Pursuit Squadron Interceptor on 20 Nov Inactivated on 7 Dec Discontinued, and inactivated, on 24 Dec Redesignated 16 Tactical Fighter Squadron, and activated, on 18 Jun Organized on 20 Jun Inactivated on 1 Nov Activated on 1 Jan Redesignated 16 Tactical Fighter Squadron on 1 Apr Redesignated 16 Weapons Squadron on 24 Jan Activated on 3 Feb Goddard, 15 Jan ; Maj Harry B.

Young, 30 Apr ; Maj George W. Hazlett, Dec ; Maj Harry M. Isom, 19 Jul ; Maj Dexter K. Baumgardner, 10 Sep ; Maj John S. Craig, 13 Nov ; 1Lt Francis L. Dooley, 27 Feb unkn. Garrett, ; Maj Donald H. Higgins, Feb ; Maj Joseph D.

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Warren, Feb ; Maj Royal E. Koons Jr. Adams, Mar ; Maj Dwight S.

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Beckham, Jun ; Maj Edwin L. Rigney, ; Lt Col Robert H. Morris, 16 Nov ; Maj Lee F. Richason, 8 Jun ; Maj Emmett C. Mann Jr. Frisbie, 26 Apr ; Maj Charles R. Fairburn, ; Lt Col Garnet D. Page, 5 Jul Dec Lt Col Garnet D. Taliferro, c. Jul additional duty ; Lt Col Garnet D.

Page, c. Oct ; Lt Col Alva D.

Downey, 27 Jun-1 Nov Lt Col Lawrence E. Boese, 1 Jan ; Lt Col R.

Latham, 4 May Jun P, ; P, P, ; F, ; F, ; F, F-4, Combat in Korea, 22 Sep Jul Air defense in Okinawa and the Far East, Became combat ready in the F-4 aircraft in Dec Participated in numerous airpower demonstrations, provided close air support of Army troops during tactical exercises, and prepared for overseas deployments. From Dec to mid performed F-4 replacement training.

Deployed to South Korea, and assumed alert status at Kunsan and Osan ABs Jun-Sep , providing air defense, participating in exercises, and maintaining combat readiness. Provided F instructor pilot training, aircrew academics, and flight training tactics, From Apr to Jun , trained for combat operations. Approved on 16 Nov Redesignated 17th Wild Weasel Squadron November 12, Inactivated November 15, Redesignated 17th Fighter Squadron November 1, Inactivated December 31, Combat in Southeast Asia December - April Squadron flew RFC Voodoos circa - Thirteenth Air Force December 5, Pacific Air Command, U.

Army April 1 - April 19, Operational Detachment at:. Buka Airfield, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, c.

P-51 Mustang vs. Yakovlev Yak-3 - A Warbird comparison

F-5 Lightning, - B Mitchell, - F-6 Mustang, RF Shooting Star, - RFF Thunderstreak, - RFC Voodoo, - Caveman character, circa earlys to era. German made, used for a short time, UnUsed RF Era. Attached to 10th Photographic Group, 23 Dec Jan Fourteenth Air Force, 23 Sept Attached to 20th Fighter Wing, 20 Sept Apr Hamilton Field, California, March Maupertu Airfield A , France, c. Azeville Airfield A-7 , France, c. Montreuil Airfield A , France, 9 September Sandweiler Airfield A , Luxembourg, 11 October Venlo Airfield Y , Netherlands, 11 March Gutersloh Airfield R , Germany, 16 April Drew Field, Florida 16 Sep-9 Nov Brooks Field, Texas, 31 Aug Langley Field, Virginia, 1 Nov P Airacobra RQ-4 - MQ-1 -.

Purple Fox with mini-gun. Fighter Squadron". Redesignated: 18th Fighter Squadron May 15, Redesignated: 18th Fighter Squadron on 1 July Redesignated: 18th Aggressor Squadron on 24 August Inactivated 12 Jan Made in Japan, UnUsed Activated on 1 Jan ; Deactivated on 1 Jun Nichols Field, Luzon, P. August Sumitomo Building, Nagoya, 1st Weather Wing, c.

August - c. April April - 18 February Inactivated on 15 Oct Redesignated 21 Fighter-Day Squadron on 26 Aug Activated on 11 Nov Redesignated 21 Tactical Fighter Squadron on 1 Jul Inactivated on 15 Mar P, F, ; F, F-4, ; F, OA, Combat in western Pacific Ocean, 20 May Aug Trained for "wild weasel" radar detection and suppression missions, Trained for forward air control missions, Nov Since Aug , trained F crews. I have been told the disc insignia is older than the bottom arc style, UnUsed Heavy , RFU jacket, Used BH July 25, -. On Dec. I assume this is correct.

RFU flight jacket, Used German made with fine mesh backing and pigtail, UnUsed Fine mesh backing with Pigtail, UnUsed Constituted 23d Pursuit Squadron Interceptor on 22 Activated 15 Oct Only found one site on the Web that had this patch depicted - maybe an uncommon patch. B, ; B, ; B, ? Squadron flew for the 6th SRW. The Sword design approved August 1, ; the Dragon was introduced or maybe re-introduced circa lates. The Dragon design was a tribute to their WW2 heritage as they were stationed in the State of Assam in northeastern, India - near the China border; nickname of the "Assam Draggins" came from the saying "My ass is draggin".

The red dots and dashes in the white "V" lines are Morse code for "25". RFU, puckered, Used Thailand made patches. They removed their " River Rats " patches and wore the Mekong MIce to show the disdain for not being allowed to bomb the Commie Bastards where they lived! Laotian 3-elephants Flag, Pilot's bringback.

From 25th TFS Pilots. Hand-embroidered Ski Mu Gia Pass. More Novelty patches on this link. From a 25th TFS Pilot. Fob or Pendant? Constituted 25th Pursuit Squadron Interceptor on 20 Nov Inactivated on 12 Dec Discontinued on 8 Jun Redesignated 25th Tactical Fighter Squadron on 18 Jun Inactivated on 31 Jul Redesignated 25th Fighter Squadron, and activated, on 1 Oct Organized as 21st Aero Squadron on 15 Jun Redesignated: 27th Aero Squadron on 23 Jun ;.

Redesignated: 27th FS Jet June 15, ;.

THE A, F-6 AND P MUSTANGS IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR - Mustang: Thoroughbred Stallion of the Air

Antisubmarine, c. On a Yellow disc edged with a narrow Black border, a small Red disc, overall a Gray falcon in attack flight,. However, the squadron went back under SAC four months later in May In August the squadron began transitioning into FCs; however, the change was never completed. It continued flying FAs until the spring of when a transition into FCs was completed. In the fall of the unit transitioned into FAs. Older s era insignia, Unused Organized as 28th Aero Squadron on 22 Jun Demobilized on 16 Jun Reconstituted, and consolidated 9 Jan with 28th Squadron Bombardment , which was authorized on 30 Aug Organized on 20 Sep Inactivated on 28 Jun Activated on 1 Sep Inactivated 1 Apr Deactivated April 27, FC - FB - Third Air Force, 21 Jun Ninth Air Force, 4 Feb View all results.

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