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He was trained as psychologist and sociologist in Munich and Berlin. Research interests in everyday knowledge and practices of professionals and laypeople motivated an orientation, first to qualitative research, and then in social representations in such fields as health and illness.

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After studying social representations of health and ageing held by general practitioners and nurses, and the health concepts and practices of homeless adolescents, his current research is about migration and social problems. Her main interests are social psychological perspectives on health and illness, especially mental health and ageing. She has a particular interest in ethnography and also in different forms of interviewing, as well as the assessment of qualitative analysis. He has a background in academic and clinical psychology and was Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Tavistock Clinic, London, throughout the s.

Mental representations - Intro to Psychology

Her major works are involved at the intersection of feminist theory and social construction ideas. Her other published pieces focus on dialogue, narratives, collaborative practices, education and qualitative inquiry. He studied phenomenological philosophy and developed the application of the phenomenological method for psychological problems based upon the work of Husserl and Merleau-Ponty.

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He has directed over dissertations that have used the method on all sorts of psychological problems and he has published over articles on the phenomenological approach to psychology. He is now retired and Professor Emeritus at Saybrook University. Her research orientation was qualitative in general but primarily phenomenological.

The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology

Her own research focused on the therapeutic process and she published an interesting study on the experience of pivotal moments in therapy as defined by clients in the Journal of Phenomenological Psychology. She used to give workshops on phenomenology as a research method in California.

Unfortunately, Barbro passed away in October, at the relatively young age of Christine has a long-standing interest in young people's experiences, as shaped by gender, class, race and sexuality, and the relationship between identity and consumer culture. Carrie E. Nikki's research interests are in heterosexual, lesbian, gay and bisexual identities and relationships, and various forms of alternative families, such as women who choose not to have children. She teaches social psychology and qualitative research methods and methodologies to students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Nikki has published journal papers and book chapters on a range of topics, including bisexual identities and bisexual marginalization and qualitative data collection and analysis. She has long-standing research interests in qualitative, interpretive and critical approaches to psychology, and in the development of methodology within interdisciplinary social science. She has participated in a number of interdisciplinary research networks, supported mainly by the UK Economic and Social Research Council ESRC , on topics that are of social psychological and broader social and policy relevance environment and risk; masculinities, identities and fatherhood; everyday energy use and systems change.

Study findings from this research focused on lifecourse and identity issues, along with historically embedded socio-cultural transitions. Publications are in journals dedicated to building knowledge of socio-technical transitions in the context of environmental sustainability.

As well as using established methodologies interpretive thematic approaches, such as grounded theory, and discursive and narrative methods , her work has involved developing methodologically innovative approaches, especially within the field of qualitative longitudinal research and encompassing issues of temporality. Overall, her research interests are in questions of risk, identity, and the relations between biography, identity and wider socio-cultural change.

He has been a psychologist for some fifty years, training as a transpersonal psychotherapist in the s. He has pioneered teaching qualitative methods at undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral levels, and has delivered masterclasses in qualitative inquiry in Brno, Czech Republic, and Jenna, Germany.

His research interests lie in an expanded vision of cognitive psychology that is inclusive of human experience, empowerment, and cultural practices. His research with Czech colleagues has focused on narrative in everyday human cognition. He is critical of the naivety in some of the thinking underlying psychological research methods, especially with respect to paradigm assumptions, mixed methods, and inference processes used in qualitative data coding.

He especially enjoys the opportunities phased retirement offers for reading philosophy Heidegger , and the history of ideas. Her research interests include topics such as transgender embodiment, LGBT mental health, sexuality, shame and suicidal distress, global mental health and neocolonialism, feminist and queer theory, and qualitative research methods. In her research she has used a range of qualitative approaches including discourse analysis, memory work, photography and creative-arts based visual methods and participatory-action research. Carolyn has worked for many years on collaborative and participative action research projects both in research and teaching with a social justice and policy focus.

These have included the [Page xxiii] co-production of new service models with families with disabled children; community safety; forced labour and migrant workers; active ageing; intergenerational practice; and sustainable, cohesive communities. She has promoted university-community partnership working and highlighted in her work some of the ethical, practical and philosophical dilemmas in working collaboratively across different lifeworlds. In retirement, she continues to work as both a scholar and activist on the understanding of, and transformation towards, sustainable communities.

Her research centres on community empowerment and mobilization, decoloniality and social change. A key focus is the development of Photovoice methodology as a participatory action research tool that can raise consciousness and mobilize community groups into social action. She has written on race, class, and gender identities, and how these impact on participation in social change. Celia is recipient of a British Psychological Society's Lifetime Achievement Award for her work on sexualities, conversation analysis, and disorders of consciousness.

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  • She has published widely in both pure and applied conversation analysis, most recently in relation to conversational repair, in collaboration with Gene Lerner. Natalie M. Her current research focuses on the influence of power and problem framing in networks and collaboratives for social justice, and the theoretical development of transformative change in the field of Community Psychology. Natalie is the host of RadioActive, a Community Psychology radio show, where she invites experts from within and beyond the field of Community Psychology to discuss empirical research, theoretical work and scholar-activism aimed at surfacing and challenging assumptions about how we conceptualize and implement change through research and action.

    Rob is a globally recognized expert on social media, marketing, branding and innovation. He invented the method of Netnography, which adapts the anthropological approach of ethnography to work with the many types of social experience and interaction that emerge through networked digital communications. Netnography has been adopted by academic researchers working in computer science, sociology, geography, library sciences, nursing, health sciences, psychology, addiction research, anthropology, marketing and consumer research.

    Rob has authored and co-authored over pieces of research on the intersection of technology, media, brands, and consumers, including the book Netnography: Redefined SAGE, 2nd edition He was born in Norway and graduated from the University of Oslo.

    His long-term concern was with the implications of such continental philosophies as phenomenology, hermeneutics, and dialectics for psychology and education. Abigail Locke is a critical social psychologist whose research work has a discursive flavour. She investigates topics around gender, parenting, identity, and health. She is currently working on a project looking at fathers in primary caregiving roles, considering societal versions of masculinity and gendered binaries of carework.

    Her major scholastic contributions have been in two main areas: sexual and reproductive health, and feminist theory in Psychology. She has written extensively in national and international journals in relation to teenage pregnancy, abortion, sex education, feminist psychology and postcolonialism. Adele V. As an undergraduate, Adele completed a two-year research fellowship at St.

    Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, examining emotional distress in parents of long-term childhood cancer survivors. Adele also served as member of the Community Narrative Research Project, an ongoing research project examining identity development in students participating in a national service-learning program.

    Her recent research interests focus on the use participatory action research and narrative research methodologies to better understand organizational learning and change within youth-serving community-based organizations. Adele currently works under Dr Kimberly Bess. She has spent most of her career focused on the use of data and evaluation in nonprofit organizations.

    James's research interests are in the application of phenomenological epistemology as a foundation to a human science psychology. His publications apply continental phenomenological thought Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty to psychological topics such as imagination, human development, mental health, and qualitative research methodology. James Morley is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ramapo College of New Jersey where he has served as Faculty President and is teaching courses in Phenomenological Psychology, psychopathology, social theory and the Psychology of meditation and Yoga.

    Prior to that, he held appointments at other universities in England, Northern [Page xxv] Ireland and Canada.

    SAGE Reference - The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology

    His current research interests include the use of participatory and arts-based methods to engage older people, and the development of narrative research methods. Thomas C. Tom is a cognitive psychologist with research interests in human thinking and expertise. His recent applied research focuses on developing effective methods for evaluating human behaviour during security screening, investigative decision making, persuasion in investigative interviews, and detecting deception.

    He also studies creativity, and has developed a computational model of insight. She is also interested in various areas of health psychology and is currently exploring the utility of mindfulness for career, education and mental health interventions. Douglas D.

    Discourse analysis: what is it and why is it relevant to family practice?

    His research is both qualitative and quantitative, and links community, environmental, and applied social psychology to other disciplines in focusing on participation and empowerment in grassroots organizations to improve public policymaking. Problems his research, teaching and consultation have addressed include neighbourhood revitalization, housing, youth violence, crime, fear and social capital sense of community, neighboring, networks , and disorder in urban community settings in the US, Europe, Africa, and China.

    He is currently exploring the development of applied community studies globally in countries. Joseph G. His areas of interest in teaching and research include multicultural counselling, career development, clinical practice, and research methods. He has been active in promoting the development of qualitative and mixed methods research in psychology and is a former Associate Editor of the Journal of Counseling Psychology. He maintains a small private practice in New York City focused on adolescent, adult, and couple psychotherapy.