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For example, let's assume you want a romantic encounter. If you hold in your mind this intention as you talk, then your actions will begin to be colored by that intent. Because this process is interactive, the intent will affect both Page 4 www. Using Language Patterns As you go through these language patterns, you'll want to go out and use them just for the sake of using them, and you can. What you'll find is that you can on Iy measure your effectiveness if you have an outcome in mind.

You can start with simple outcomes, if you like. Like getting a smile. From there, feel free to explore, but always keep your outcome in mind. Fear of Using Language Patterns Many hesitate to use language patterns, because they're afraid of getting caught or because it feels different from how they normally communicate. My advise on these two points is, first, you won't get caught and second, get over it! Anything worth learning is worth doing poorly. Yes, there are many. Among them PageS www.

Have you ever been in conversation with someone who made you feel as if you were the most important person in the world and that they were speaking to the deepest parts of your soul? The endless debate on how to do it all boils down to one word: charisma. Often their attention is on two levels. On one level, they are directly communicating their thoughts, insights and information to the other person. On another level, they are indirectly communicating all the other things that are on their minds. Perhaps they had a fight with a spouse that day or are worried about bills. For you reading this book - focus fully on the other person.

The first step is to recognize that these distractions exist. The next step is to vow that, while you are attempting to influence someone, you put your distractions aside in order to focus only on them and how to direct them toward your outcome. See to it that nothing deters your focus. By the way, when practicing, it's important to remember that your purpose is to pay attention and not to stare them down.

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Many teachers of persuasion will tell you that sincerity is a vital component of effective persuasion. Yes, sincerity is important even when you don't believe what you are saying! Con-men have the ability to believe what they are saying, sincerely, even if they only believe it for that moment.

Know that it's much easier to be sincere, when you actuaIly are sincere, but it's not essential. Page 6 www.

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One can notice this when language patterns are being used. For example, a man is using language patterns to win a date. Stage magicians make use of this effect all the time, when they allow the audience to perceive something "magical," while the volunteer on stage perceives that they are merely following orders. As the volunteer does so, the magician says, "Don't do anything, okay! The volunteer could even feel the deck of cards, but when he heard the magician tell him, "Don't do anything, okay?

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To use it, you must take on three perspectives: your perspective and what you will say; the second person's perspective and how you want them to perceive what you are saying; and the third person's perspective and how you want them to perceive what you say. Page 8 www. Mind control theory is simple and can be described as having four basic levels of perception and influence.

This is quite simple and straightforward in theory - people respond to what their senses perceive. On a practical level of influence and mind control this means limiting what the subject perceives with the five senses, so that they can make conclusions and assumptions based only on that information.

In other words, if you introduce someone to people jumping up and down with drums beating, then you can define it as dancing or demon possession, and the definition will be accepted, as long as the subject has no prior reference to the stimuli. This third level is one in which the subject develops their own meaning and interpretation of the information.

For example, a beating with a cane may include pain first level perception and be prescribed as a punishment second level perception , but the subject may associate it with an experience in their youth, where they were whipped by an attractive nanny and experienced arousal. At the fourth level of perception, strong emotions and beliefs are associated with the external stimuli and thus ingraining them deeper in the individual psyche. At this level, these beliefs and emotions be- Page 9 www.

Mind Control Practice When bringing the above theory into practice, it is always wise to consider the design of every part of what the subject will experience with their senses. This is why a salesman in his own sales office will sell more than visiting prospects.


Pacing and dragging which is not exactly pacing and leading occurs when the subject figuratively agrees to step into the door pacing and then is brought from one experience to another with such force, speed and intensity dragging that they must agree to the conclusions of what they experience. This is how some criminals create a compelling reality, which makes their mark feel safe enough to give up his money.

At the second level, language patterns can be applied. Practical application at this level of influence is often done long before the actual experience. As a lesson to the mind controller, it's important to set up this level of influence as early as possible, so the subject is ready to experience it as you prescribe. As a practical matter, getting feedback is very important.

The meaning the experience is given can be nudged.

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Page 10 www. Ifthe subject has a strong preexisting opposition to that direction, then change can be very difficult. Assuming the subject's personal meaning of the events doesn't oppose how you want to persuade them, the fourth level of influence can be the most powerful and enduring. For that reason, it can also be the most perilous. To fail could create an enemy that obsessively wants to hurt you. At this level you can ingrain beliefs and emotions into the subject that make the resulting behaviors self sustaining.

The Ideal Persuasion We can describe what could be the ideal model of persuasion, using these four levels of perception and influence. Level One Every aspect of what the subject will perceive is engineered to lead to the most desirable result. Think of this as arranging the ideal date.

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If possible, you inoculate your subject by describing their experience and how they will interpret it, before they have it. Level Three Here, the subject begins to make associations to the experience, based on their previous experience. Language patterns can be used to guide the subject's associations, based on your prior knowledge of their history. Level Four The subject assigns beliefs and meanings for the experience you created for them.

The experience and its meaning become solid for Page 11 www. Page 12 www. So now you're aware of four levels of perception and four levels of influence that can be used to give you more power and control.

Because most people aren't aware of these levels of perception, your power can grow by increasing or decreasing the options that you offer people at these levels. What follows are four types of information. BetterlWorse Information There is more flexibility when there are more options. Here, choices are not binary but have a rank - this one is better than that one.

There is no gradient or scale. Scaled Information rating on 1 to Here, the information is provided on a gradient scale that starts at zero, or nothing, and goes to any extreme. This quality of. Page 13 www. Once they are directed to the decision you want, you can go back down to the binary level of infonnation and call it "good. Generally, therapy is designed to help a person move from a narrower to a broader range of perspectives, all for the benefit of the individual.

Mind Control, by comparison, is interested in the results as it relates to the controller, and perspectives can be broadened and narrowed to suit the end result. To better understand this process, let's look at some example. BetterlWorse Information.

And so the topic becomes interesting to you. Scaled Information , so as you pay more attention, you start to learn.

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The words which were really just sounds now have even greater meaning, because this is something new to you that's interesting. Complex Information. Now you can begin to wonder how it is you are able to take in information so well, and use it to make changes in your life.

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That type ofinformation has a quality all it's own. Binary Information Have you ever been riding in a car Page 14 www. You noticed how incredibly fast the road passed beneath you, how landmark after landmark flew by. It seemed extremely fast.