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The true reflection of a community and familial aspect of Oxford Academy is reflected by my grade especially: when a student passed away in our grade, our class united and supported one another through hard times. Despite such a great community, Oxford is a competitive environment that sometimes causes students to question their worth and harbor insecurities as our student body is composed of exceptional students. We literally have students who have met the president or been to Antarctica!

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However, despite such drawbacks, this competitive environment pushes every student to push their boundaries and truly reach their full potential. I've been here since seventh grade, and I quite enjoy the smaller overall class sizes as it gives more time to connect to classmates as well as teachers.

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The teachers are nice, and I enjoy what I learn. However, sometimes- because the school is a bit insular- I feel like the administration and staff get caught up in the idea of being 'special' or 'exceptional'. While that isn't a bad thing, it leads them to sometimes skip over basic explanations in order to do far-fetched problems without any guidance. It is just sometimes very disorganized. Overall, my experience has been average to positive.

Read 28 Reviews. I can't say I had the best time of my life, but I would say that is because it's High School and stress comes alongside it. When it comes to the campus, it is a large and diverse campus with an array of students and teachers. The teachers are for the most part good, but in some classes I have ended up having to teach myself the content. Although some teachers don't meet my expectations, there are plenty of tutoring opportunities, finds prep and counselor aid.

The counselors are fantastic and try to cater to your academic and mental needs as much as they can. High School is not perfect, but South Pasadena does a good job at making it the best time it can be! I met so many cool people from many backgrounds and had so much fun. They want you to succeed and get all the help that is available, and there is a lot! The teachers, counselors, and staff are all so genuine and although they might not all be nice and teach the way you like, they stay true to themselves and they all truly care and love our school.

This public school is the closest thing to a private school because of the myriad of opportunities you are given time and time again. Also, the "Newport moms" put quite a show at the school when supporting their child during game day. And, regarding academics, the students are quite competitive.

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I think that the PVIT program is a rare gem in our public school systems. I had the opportunity to work hands on in engineering since my freshman year. The teachers in the program truly inspire and I have experienced a connection to learning and teachers throughout my time on this campus. I also think the block schedule is good for my health On days with no surf, I get the luxury of sleeping in- something all high-school students need!

Only took off a star because of such high stress and anxiety, and lack of social life.

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This school is not meant for kids who just want to take the easiest classes and graduate. The teachers here are absolutely outstanding, each holding a different from of patriotism our school's motto and setting a role model for their students. They all show students that school is not only about growing academically, but also learning more about life and having fun! Academics are very strong, with a diverse range of offered AP classes and flexibility for advanced placement into various subject fields. Every student has a place to belong at Beckman High School. Our academics are strong and the majority of teachers are engaged and provide insightful lessons during each class.

WHS is very diverse which means there is a club for anyone! The students are friendly and are willing to help you in any way; same with the teachers. The coaches are always focus on helping individuals become stronger, better in the sport, they know the students can improve no matter what level they are at. The staff, Principle, teachers and coaches always bring impact to the student's lives and improves their ability to become who they want to be. Walnut High School campus is filled with amazing clubs, passion, and spirit. Especially prep rallies, stress relief weeks where theres activities to do during lunch time, and spirit weeks when its time to dress for the theme or to support organizations or awarenesses. Walnut is filled with competition from academics, the performing arts, visual arts, clubs, and of course, sports. I have made some amazing memories and friends, and I have learned a lot.

Using federal government data from and a U. Census methodology , the AP calculated a racial isolation measure — an "entropy" score — for every school. These scores range from zero to one. A school with an entropy score of "zero" is entirely composed of a single racial group. A school with an entropy score of one would be evenly mixed between racial groups.

This map shows the or so schools across California with entropy scores closest to zero, indicating one racial group essentially prevails there. Around of these schools — charter, magnet and district-run — are located in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. To view schools with higher entropy scores — and thus, more racially mixed student populations — adjust the slider on the bottom of the map.

When a broader range is selected, the darker-colored dots represent more racially homogenous schools. Almost without exception, in Southern California, the schools the AP identified as the most racially isolated were heavily populated by Hispanic students. When referring to the AP's findings, we're using the term "Hispanic" only because the data on which this analysis was based did not use the term "Latino. That's no surprise to Ann Owens, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Southern California who studies segregation.

Owens notes that Los Angeles County's child population is In the L. Unified School District, Latinos comprise nearly three-quarters of the student body. County Select a specific county or counties from the list to narrow your results to a specific county, or counties. Selecting a county, or multiple counties, affects which districts are displayed in the District list. District Select a specific district or districts from the list to narrow your results to a specific district, or districts.

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