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A review of the interfacial characteristics of polymer nanocomposites containing carbon nanotubes

Husain S, Koros WJ. Mixed matrix hollow fiber membranes made with modified HSSZ zeolite in polyetherimide polymer matrix for gas separation. Sep Purif Technol a; — Enhanced gas permeation performance of polyethersulfone mixed matrix hollow fiber membranes using novel Dynasylan Ameo silane agent. J Membr Sci b; — Highly permeable zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF nano-particles enhanced polyimide membranes for gas separation. Molecular sieving effect of the zeolite-filled silicone rubber membranes in gas permeation.

Fuel Process Technol ; 1—6. The effects of solvents on the modification of SAPO zeolite using 3-aminopropyl trimethoxy silane for the preparation of asymmetric polysulfone mixed matrix membrane in the application of CO 2 separation.


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J Membr Sci b; 17— Carbon dioxide capture-related gas adsorption and separation in metal-organic frameworks. Comparative study of CO 2 capture by carbon nanotubes, activated carbons, and zeolites. Energ Fuel ; — Challenges in forming successful mixed matrix membranes with rigid polymeric materials. Mahajan R, Koros W. Mixed matrix membrane materials with glassy polymers. Part 2.

Polymer Nanocomposites with Particle and Carbon Nanotube Fillers Part 1 (Nanotechnology)

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Robeson LM. The upper bound revisited. Distribution of amino groups on a mesoporous silica surface after submonolayer deposition of aminopropylsilanes from an anhydrous liquid phase. J Phys Chem C ; — Amino functionalized mesostructured SBA silica for CO 2 capture: exploring the relation between the adsorption capacity and the distribution of amino groups by TEM. Development of polycarbonate based zeolite 4A filled mixed matrix gas separation membranes.

Shahid S, Nijmeijer K. High pressure gas separation performance of mixed-matrix polymer membranes containing mesoporous Fe BTC. J Membrane Sci a; 33— Performance and plasticization behavior of polymer-MOF membranes for gas separation at elevated pressures. Shimekit B, Mukhtar H. Natural gas purification technologies-major advances for CO 2 separation and future directions.

In: Hamid AM, editor. Advances in natural gas technology. China: InTech, — A general strategy for adhesion enhancement in polymeric composites by formation of nanostructured particle surfaces. Capture of CO 2 from flue gas via multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Sci Total Environ ; — Gas permeation characteristics of polymer-zeolite mixed matrix membranes. J Membr Sci ; 77— Takahashi S, Paul D. Gas permeation in poly ether imide nanocomposite membranes based on surface-treated silica.

Part 1: without chemical coupling to matrix. Polymer a; — Part 2: with chemical coupling to matrix.

Laser-Textured Rubbers with Carbon Nanotube Fillers

Polymer b; — Effect of zeolite particle size on the performance of polymer-zeolite mixed matrix membranes. Tao T, Maciel GE. Reactivities of silicas with organometallic methylating agents. J Am Chem Soc ; — Mixed matrix membranes using carbon molecular sieves: I. Preparation and experimental results. Relationship between polymer-filler interfaces in separation layers and gas transport properties of mixed matrix composite membranes.

Conventional processes and membrane technology for carbon dioxide removal from natural gas: a review. J Nat Gas Chem ; — Zeolite-filled polyimide membrane containing 2,4,6-triaminopyrimidine.

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Int J Greenhouse Gas Control ; 84— Tailoring mixed matrix composite membranes for gas separations. Metal organic framework based mixed matrix membranes: an increasingly important field of research with a large application potential. Micropor Mesopor Mater ; 67— Asymmetric mixed matrix membrane incorporating organically modified clay particle for gas separation. Chem Eng J ; — She continued her MSc study in the same university and graduated in Her research of interests is in the area of membrane technology for gas separation.

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Hilmi Mukhtar is currently the director of transformation at Universiti Teknologi Petronas. He has deep research interests in the area of natural gas purification using membrane process and environmental issues particularly wastewater treatment and carbon trading.

Afterward, she further her study in part-time mode in Master in Engineering Safety, Health and Environment at Universiti Malaya and completed in Bhd for almost 1.