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Yet, none of this seems to matter to Adelaide Bruce, who has idolized him since she was a child. Struck with sudden cold feet on her wedding night, Countess Spaulding— Amelia— fled from her husband, back to their London town house. When Lord Spaulding failed to pursue her, she made the best of her situation by becoming a very exclusive hostess with the best Salons. Mildred was caught in a compromising position with a peer who had no intention of marrying her, and it ruined her entire family. Years later, still unwed and living with her spinster Aunt, Millie is surprised to receive a letter from a solicitor.

Her journey home to meet with the solicitor will be far more significant than she could ever have imagined. But Charlotte and Gerard have history, and Gerard had never forgiven her for breaking his heart. Except that over the course of one night, they realize that the feelings between them which had been platonic for so long have developed into much more. Ariana makes a business proposal, and Nicholas finds himself inspired to accept. But things are never as simple as characters think they will be, and there are some challenges to overcome before they are happy.

There are some anthologies which can be read in one sitting, which features stories which are sufficiently different from each other, so they do not blend together. This, unfortunately, was not one of those anthologies. Extended reading draws attention to the worst of the stories; the overused cliches, the characters which are all the same except for their stations in life, and the million other things which begin to blur. Extended reading also casts a focus upon the fact that several of the stories were far too rushed, and should have had an additional pages in which to develop.

That is not to say that this is a bad volume. For being from such a stilted society, they sure are liberal. Yet, that is part of the genre, and comes with the territory.

The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance

One or two stories were bland, a few were repetitive within themselves, featuring bits that kept coming back due to what I can only guess was poor copyediting , and a few of the stories were average at best, but not a single one was truly bad. I enjoyed reading them, and in several cases will be seeking out other works by these authors. There are not many options when working with a romantic short story; characters can either fall in love at first sight, they can have a long-standing relationship, or they can reunite after being estranged. Some of them are about young girls and their first loves, others about widows finding new love, and a few about spinsters finding unexpected love.

There are a few representations of each of these in the volume, but they manage to be varied enough to avoid feeling like the same story over and over again. Every story in this volume ends happily.

I suppose the frequent occurrence of sex in more recent Regency romances is a reflection of our increasing tolerance for it in fiction. I would consider it quite appropriate, however, in a modern-day setting.

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Like Like. In this particular anthology, most of the women who engaged in sex before they were married to the man in question were widows, which I believe offered them a little not a lot more freedom. Several of the stories were about women who were already married having sex with their husbands, and a few of them were old maids being seduced— their logic being that they were so firmly on the shelf that they may as well enjoy it once. Most of the regency romance I read involves a lot of seduction but not a lot of sex. Ah, the seduction makes more sense!

And I can accept married women of that era having sex with their husband. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Site Designed by Polaris Marketing and Creative. Photo by Elizabeth MacAndrew. Why pick when you can have both? When I embraced my love of historical romance in particular, I ended up following a number of Harlequin Historical authors as part of a series of giveaways and I learned a few things about the books and the women who wrote them: A lot of historical romance writers are geeks.

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They love the same geeky shows, books, and comics we do. These ladies are history geeks at their finest. Also, they share links about really cool historical discoveries on social media. A lot of historical romance writers are aware of how many laws and social practices were not of benefit to women. Many historical romance writers encourage the belief that intimate relationships should be consensual and mutually pleasurable. Do you enjoy romance novels? What are some of your favorite authors and series? Liked it?