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Bradley N. Plank, P. Has provided consulting and testimony in matters of personal We were established in by Craig L. Moskowitz after spending more than 14 years working for other consulting engineering firms, construction management organizations, builders and general contractors.

In addition, he honed his leadership skills Consolidated Consultants, or CCc as it is widely known, is a national referral service for both the expert witness and medical expert fields. We have thousands of expert witnesses, as well as medical experts, in our directory. We are focused on providing complimentary first-rate referrals of expert witnesses and Miller is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Michigan College of Engineering and a registered professional engineer and consultant with more than 30 years of experience as an engineering expert witness.

He specializes in warnings, labeling and instruction manuals, consumer product design, process safety, Vident Partners provides concierge-level service. We handle each assignment in a customized manner, using our knowledge of the case, our knowledge of the experts, and our years of working with both plaintiff and defense attorneys in virtually every jurisdiction in the United States and Canada.

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Our goal is always to Meyers is an experienced aircraft accident investigator who combines scientific analysis, material science, laboratory testing, piloting expertise, aircraft maintenance and human factors to investigate air safety issues. Materials Engineering Solutions LLC provides metallurgical failure analysis, corrosion analysis, materials selection for design, engineering product design, engineering solutions, expert consulting, expert witness in litigation support, and engineering education assessment.

Knowledge based understanding of fracture Our success in placing experts in over 10, cases begins with our selective screening process. For our own internal Advantagement, LLC provides the world's most advanced product failure cause determination consulting and litigation support. ACG is a full service environmental health and safety consulting firm. Our materials science laboratory specializes in concrete petrography. Avomeen Analytical Services is a full-service chemical testing laboratory specializing in deformulation, emergency testing services, investigative analysis, product innovation, and expert witness testimony.

Auto Fire and Safety Consultants, Inc. We use Bison Engineering, Inc.

Bison specializes in forensic engineering and failure analysis services to the legal, gas, BPP Technical Services founded in Employing teams of engineers and individual specialists providing risk assessment and engineering support services for litigation including failure investigation, Ramon is recognized worldwide for his expertise in concrete materials, construction, and structural engineering. He has completed over consulting assignments ranging from product developments, materials, and Services include: fire and explosion investigations, product failure analysis, accident reconstruction, construction defect investigations, building Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services, Inc.

Paul Aquino, Director, Marketing paquino 30fe. For confidential inquiries on becoming a member of the 30 Forensic Engineering team, please contact:. Risky Business Conference Embracing Uncertainty. Ahmed Fahmy. Be Aware. Print this page Tweet. Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction stresses importance of establishing a science foundation for action at Science and Technology for Society forum in Japan. The amendment is broad enough to permit testimony that is the product of competing principles or methods in the same field of expertise.

As the court stated in In re Paoli R. The evidentiary requirement of reliability is lower than the merits standard of correctness. Pepsi Cola , F. Under the amendment, as under Daubert , when an expert purports to apply principles and methods in accordance with professional standards, and yet reaches a conclusion that other experts in the field would not reach, the trial court may fairly suspect that the principles and methods have not been faithfully applied.

See Lust v. The amendment specifically provides that the trial court must scrutinize not only the principles and methods used by the expert, but also whether those principles and methods have been properly applied to the facts of the case. As the court noted in In re Paoli R.

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Yard PCB Litig. This is true whether the step completely changes a reliable methodology or merely misapplies that methodology. If the expert purports to apply principles and methods to the facts of the case, it is important that this application be conducted reliably. Yet it might also be important in some cases for an expert to educate the factfinder about general principles, without ever attempting to apply these principles to the specific facts of the case.

For example, experts might instruct the factfinder on the principles of thermodynamics, or bloodclotting, or on how financial markets respond to corporate reports, without ever knowing about or trying to tie their testimony into the facts of the case. The amendment does not alter the venerable practice of using expert testimony to educate the factfinder on general principles. As stated earlier, the amendment does not distinguish between scientific and other forms of expert testimony.

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The trial court's gatekeeping function applies to testimony by any expert. While the relevant factors for determining reliability will vary from expertise to expertise, the amendment rejects the premise that an expert's testimony should be treated more permissively simply because it is outside the realm of science. An opinion from an expert who is not a scientist should receive the same degree of scrutiny for reliability as an opinion from an expert who purports to be a scientist.

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See Watkins v. Telsmith, Inc. Some types of expert testimony will be more objectively verifiable, and subject to the expectations of falsifiability, peer review, and publication, than others. Some types of expert testimony will not rely on anything like a scientific method, and so will have to be evaluated by reference to other standard principles attendant to the particular area of expertise. The trial judge in all cases of proffered expert testimony must find that it is properly grounded, well-reasoned, and not speculative before it can be admitted.

The expert's testimony must be grounded in an accepted body of learning or experience in the expert's field, and the expert must explain how the conclusion is so grounded. The amendment requires that the testimony must be the product of reliable principles and methods that are reliably applied to the facts of the case.

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  6. For example, when a law enforcement agent testifies regarding the use of code words in a drug transaction, the principle used by the agent is that participants in such transactions regularly use code words to conceal the nature of their activities. The method used by the agent is the application of extensive experience to analyze the meaning of the conversations. So long as the principles and methods are reliable and applied reliably to the facts of the case, this type of testimony should be admitted.

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    Nothing in this amendment is intended to suggest that experience alone—or experience in conjunction with other knowledge, skill, training or education—may not provide a sufficient foundation for expert testimony. To the contrary, the text of Rule expressly contemplates that an expert may be qualified on the basis of experience. In certain fields, experience is the predominant, if not sole, basis for a great deal of reliable expert testimony. Jones , F.

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    See also Kumho Tire Co. If the witness is relying solely or primarily on experience, then the witness must explain how that experience leads to the conclusion reached, why that experience is a sufficient basis for the opinion, and how that experience is reliably applied to the facts. Under Daubert , that's not enough. The more subjective and controversial the expert's inquiry, the more likely the testimony should be excluded as unreliable. See O'Conner v.

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    Commonwealth Edison Co. Subpart 1 of Rule calls for a quantitative rather than qualitative analysis. See the original Advisory Committee Note to Rule