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Windows 7: The Top 10 Hidden Features

Of course, Microsoft — like Apple and Google — would like everyone to use the latest version of its operating system. Either way, once you have installed Windows 10, it will be updated free for the life of your device. There will probably never be a Windows 11, because Microsoft is now producing two small updates each year instead of one big update every three years. If you have an old desktop PC with no touchscreen, no camera and no microphone, there are fewer benefits. I know this upsets people who think their PCs should work just like they did in a previous century, but the whole technology world is changing and Windows is changing along with it.

The other thing to bear in mind is that we are in an ecosystem war that Microsoft wants to win.

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The main alternative ecosystems are run by Apple and Google. Both support only a very limited range of devices. If you only use one old desktop PC, you will get limited benefits from the Windows ecosystem.

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If you have a lot of different types of device, you will get more benefits from Windows 10 and all the related apps and cloud-based services such as Outlook. Depending on your hardware, a straight upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 may offer some benefits. These start with smoother and sometimes faster operations, more economical use of memory and disk space, increased security SmartScreen, Windows Defender, encryption , and the integration of OneDrive cloud storage.

File Explorer is a better file manager, and DirectX 12 promises better gaming.

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Task View makes it easier to access running programs. Virtual desktops, which were easily added, are now built in. The system refresh and reset options make it simpler to maintain your PC. In the access step, for example, "FastTrack provides guidance to enable use of Desktop Analytics and guides you through creation of a Desktop Analytics deployment plan," referring to the telemetry-powered tools that are supposed to analyze systems and, for instance, determine which are ready for an upgrade to Windows Naturally, caveats abound.

FastTrack specialists won't, according to the list marked "Out of Scope," help customers create custom images for Windows 10 deployment or enable security features or upgrade Configuration Manager to the "Current Branch" version. For those tasks, Microsoft advised organizations to contact a Microsoft partner. The outline titled "Your Responsibilities" was more informative simply because it described, in a general way, the work customers would have to do, and clearly showed that FastTrack is no fairy godmother armed with a magic wand.

Plain desktop customize Make Windows Look Better (window 7/8/10)

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